Weplace evolved from the meeting of minds of experienced professionals and entrepreneurs, convinced that there is always a way to question the status quo and aim for improvement. We emerged from the desire to offer leaders and companies human capital solutions that would bring a critical and complementary perspective to the most challenging leadership themes.

The result was the construction of a consulting firm focused on Strategy, Organization and Human Capital, with the purpose to understand the arena that companies and people want to occupy in the market and help them to position themselves in a differentiated and competitive way.

What we do

We develop human capital management solutions for companies and leaders who believe in relationships that generate value. To make them meet, unite, develop and become better is our greatest mission and motivation.

Our differences


With a clinical outlook and critical sense, we are provoked and motivated by digital transformation, without losing the human aspect.


We are present and available from conception to implementation, we engage and dedicate ourselves to projects unconditionally.

Consultative approach

We base our projects on information, data and analysis, always founded on extensive market research, experience and concrete deliveries.


With the power of synthesis to extract what matters and share what has value, our deliverables are objective, never superficial.


We build relationships with people whose stories are diverse and provocative, who challenge and make us want to learn and be better every day.


We have heterogeneous and complementary profiles with solid advisory and business management experience, in distinct segments, in Brazil and various regions of the globe. We love what we do and work towards a common goal.


We have an open, light, fluid and warm environment that promotes a sense of union and well-being. At the same time, it allows discretion and confidentiality.