Companies and leaders who are skilled at balancing the Culture, People, Diversity and Change pillars are more effective at maintaining a high performance team, which means having the right people at the right moment in the most strategic positions and in a strong culture aligned with the values of organizations.

In this context, we work in total alignment with our clients to identify demands related to organization and human capital. We are motivated to develop customized projects that generate impact and contribute to organizations achieving set results. Our solutions are distinct yet complementary.

Sustained by solid experience, in depth knowledge of the market as well as organizational environments and a constant search for best practices, we identify, evaluate and select human capital for different stages in the life cycle of companies.

Aiming to guarantee a process that satisfies specific demands and assures quality and assertiveness in the delivery of projects, we are organized to serve and support our clients during strategic periods of transformation or succession, through the evaluation and the recommendation of executives to form Boards of Directors and Advisers, to assume senior management positions, also in the search for talents and future leaders.

We evaluate the candidates broadly, considering not only experience, knowledge including technical and management skills, but also potential, values, ambitions and motivations. As a result, we generate analyses and recommendations for our clients, providing them with assertive and adherent choices for different needs.

The complexity and competitiveness of businesses require companies to innovate and come up with proactive solutions to attract, develop and retain differentiated and talented professionals. To do so, we conduct studies, analyze and develop customized mappings, which provide our clients with a better approach and knowledge about the market, people, trends, management models and innovative practices regarding human capital.
In this context, our analysis is a competitive intelligence tool that is extremely relevant in times of expansion, organizational redesign, succession planning, remuneration alignment and market repositioning, generating in-depth knowledge and accuracy of information for decision-making.

Targeting the preservation and optimization of long-term economic value, companies seek through a governance model to improve the quality of management, its longevity and the common good. In this context, we design solutions strategically aligned with the different stages of corporate governance of our clients, making use of the best market practices:

• Strategic alignment for shareholders
• Modeling of structure, composition, remuneration and responsibilities of Board members.
• Evaluation of Councils
• Evaluation of Directors
• Family succession and counselors

Corporate strategies are evolutionary and must be able to anticipate and accommodate changes, which are constant and directly impact organizations. Also, with each strategic change, revisions and adaptations of organizational structures are necessary, aligning them with new strategic objectives, mission, vision and values. By building ideal and transient structures, we help our customers identify and attain the most direct path to accelerate the search for the best results.

We support our clients in the creation of leadership development strategies aligned with distinct business models and culture. To this end, we use our evaluation model, which identifies and highlights the differentials and gaps in management, leadership and behavioral competencies of executives, always compared to the main market references. As main results, we highlight:
• Creation of a pipeline of high-potential leaders
• Personalized professional development programs aligned with business strategy
• Increased return on investment in leadership development
• Better alignment of talents with executive functions

The succession planning of an organization is fundamental to guarantee its sustainability and continuity, as well as the achievement of objectives, minimizing disruptive management impacts. Identifying the executives who can propel the organization into the future is mandatory, ensuring continuity in key functions of the organization. We work with our clients to identify these key people and to define development programs to ensure effective succession planning.

Aligning the executive compensation model with the best market practices is one of the most relevant management pillars for attracting, retaining and reinforcing the organizational culture. The compensation strategy can range from cost reduction in times of recession to attractive expansion models and growth scenarios. We work with our clients, based on the strategy and culture of the organization to determine what is the most appropriate remuneration model that will ensure the necessary motivation and high performance of the team leaders.

Despite recognition by most business leaders that organizational culture has a direct impact on an organization’s results, the difficulty in making this connection is still present in most companies. The culture of an organization is such a strong factor that it can, unilaterally, alter the course of the results of a proposed change, an organizational restructuring or even the merger of two companies. Through a structured approach, We support leadership in cultural understanding and alignment so that it can leverage positive behavioral aspects and realign negative points to achieve the intended purpose and outcomes.

Companies that truly embrace diversity have greater adaptability to respond to market changes. Aware of this, we keep a close eye on the value of diversity. We use our network and ability to be in touch with individuals of different cultures, ethnic groups, languages, practices and beliefs to help companies build their teams, considering diversity as an essential factor to strengthen organizational culture and, consequently, generate long-term results. We operate through strategic partnerships with companies and qualified professionals with whom we develop solutions and strategic projects, aiming at enhancing cultural transformation and business development.

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