Marcelo started his career at Embraer, where he stayed for 15 years. Acted as an expert for the areas of marketing and internal communication. Executed  communication and change strategies of the business excellence program, responsible for implementing the lean philosophy and continuous improvement in all manufacturing and office operations.

Also at Embraer, it implemented the global culture project, with a strong connection between business results and the behaviors to be adopted by all employees. He also coordinated the design and implementation of the flight safety culture program. In the same period, he was part of the Technical Committee on Organizational Culture of the National Quality Foundation (FNQ), representing Embraer in the conception of the theme in the 21st edition of the Management Excellence Model.

After this period of innumerable projects and experiences in an environment marked by the pragmatism and reliability of products and processes, he left Embraer and decided to undertake as a consultant in cultural projects, convinced that any initiative to intervene in the culture of a company has only effective meaning. if it is directly connected to what is critical to the business.

He then joined Walking the Talk, serving as a senior consultant on various projects for the food, telecommunications, transportation, logistics, smoking, retail and oil & gas sectors. As an independent consultant, he has implemented work safety culture projects in the food and refrigeration industries.

Marcelo is a public relations and master of social change. Integrates global communities to facilitate and promote dialogue.